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    • 銅藝樓梯護欄的設計
    • 本站編輯:杭州深眾銅裝飾工程有限公司發布日期:2022-01-06 17:36 瀏覽次數:


    在設計與施工過程中,都不需要擔心實際的環境變化帶來的難度標準,可以很輕松的完成。 銅樓梯圍欄銅藝護欄設計圖片。




    The main body of copper guardrail stairs is made of pure solid aluminum and copper for modeling and carved decoration, so the arc design is very simple. In addition to the matching of columns and handrails, in terms of the design style of carved main body, it is easy to realize corner and arc design to adapt to different environmental characteristics.

    In the process of design and construction, there is no need to worry about the difficulty standards caused by actual environmental changes, which can be easily completed. Design picture of copper stair fence and copper guardrail.

    The real metallic color is an inherent temperament of classical and attractive. Temperament comes from solid metal materials. After joining the forging production of alloy, rich metal colors bring more convenient choices to people with different preferences. Champagne gold, rose gold, gold plating, titanium gold, red bronze and green bronze are popular colors at present, or antique, or atmosphere, or high expensive. Different colors represent different styles, have clear characteristics, and can be easily matched with the environment.

    The product adopts assembled overall frame structure, which is conducive to construction and convenient and fast installation; Half round head square neck bolts and anti-theft washers are used for the connection between the mesh and the column, which can prevent it from being manually disassembled at will; Suitable for mass production, roads or parks.

    The handrail and guardrail need to be matched with beauty in order to have a beautiful effect. The classical guardrail handrail is made of yellow pear and teak. If customers have special requirements, they can also be customized. The choice of color and overall design can be chosen by themselves.