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    • 銅鑄件造加工對工業有哪些要求?
    • 本站編輯:杭州深眾銅裝飾工程有限公司發布日期:2021-02-05 10:14 瀏覽次數:


    What are the requirements of copper casting manufacturing industry?


    1. From the perspective of growth mode, stainless steel casting manufacturers introduce the transformation from labor and resource intensive to technology and capital intensive, from coarse pollution intensive to green intensive, control environmental pollution, and initially establish a harmonious casting information industry system with the environment.

    2.形成了多個結構合理,產學研水平較高的研發培訓基地,可以不斷向企業輸送人才,增加對不銹鋼精鑄材料的需求,并逐步增加 技術出口實力雄厚。

    2. A number of R & D training bases with reasonable structure and high level of production, teaching and research have been formed, which can continuously transfer talents to enterprises, increase the demand for stainless steel investment casting materials, and gradually increase the strength of technology export.


    3. To improve the adjustment of industrial structure, select a number of small precision forging plants with low technical level, poor product quality, serious pollution and poor economic benefits, continuously provide high-quality casting materials to the market and expand the market.